What Are You Doing About What Fear is Costing You?

What Are You Doing About What Fear is Costing You?

Fear is a nasty word and can show up in unusual places: thoughts, behavior and attitudes towards Any and Everything. It has the ability to rob you of hopes, dreams, plans and even relationships. Whenever you think about what you want to achieve, a small seed of anxiety will rear it’s ugly head and have you second-guessing yourself. A little bit of hesitation and anxiety builds and keeps you stuck in planning, planning, planning without moving to the executing stage. That’s what fear does; makes you hesitant about acting. It stirs up feelings of inadequacy and doubt. So let’s talk about what fear may be costing you – in life, business, and relationships and most importantly, what you can do about it.

It’s easy to say, ‘get over the fear’ but you know what? All the wonderful clichés we speak sounds good until you get to where the rubber meets the road…then it’s more about HOW do you get over the fear. The how can be a little tricky. So, when you think about fear, think of some type of shift that happens in your brain. Have you heard about ‘fight or flight’ when presented with a stressful situation, your body responds by preparing itself to fight or run. The adrenaline kick in and determines an appropriate response. It doesn’t matter whether fear is real or perceived, the changes your mind and body goes through is very real.

Think about how fear shows up in you!

Don’t just say,” I am not afraid of anything,” because that’s not a true statement. Yes, you are afraid of something. Even getting a phone call in the middle of the night sparks an instant moment of fear. If you don’t like being told “no” when you really want something – it can create a hesitation to ask; also, an element of fear. Some people are afraid of their next level of success, even though they are prepared and ready. So yes, fear can show up in so many ways. Once you have identified how it’s showing up, you have to name it – specifically. Maybe it’s situational (a certain situation such as confrontation that stresses you) or relational (maybe you don’t get along well with someone and you avoid interacting like they’re a plague. Identify what you are afraid of – then ask yourself why. What is it about ‘It’ that makes you fearful? Acknowledge and speak on it. Think through whether the fear is real or if your perception makes it real. Note the way you perceive things can be the primary source of the anxiety. The answers to the above questions will help you to understand the what, how and why of fear that triggers your emotions.

What is fear costing you?

It can cost many things including relationships, peace, confidence, and being able to fully commit to making necessary changes in your life. It can deprive you of success because if what you do doesn’t work the first time, quitting seems like the best option. IT’S NOT!! Stay the course, move forward. Take baby steps if you must, but going back is not an option!! If you want to deal with fear, you must acknowledge that you’re afraid, figure out what triggers fear to understand the why behind it, look at what fear is costing you, and do something about it.

Maybe this quick video will put a few things in perspective about your future growth; taking responsibility for life and moving forward. Enjoy!

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