Creating a breakthrough for life & business

Creating a breakthrough for life & business


Well hello there! It’s been a while since I’ve shared all the fabulous things going on in my life and business. I must say 2016 entered with a BANG and I’ve been flying high since the start of the New Year! While I learned tons in 2015, I spent a lot of that time behind the scenes, working, growing, watching and learning. There comes a time in everyone’s life (and business) where you must transition from being the student into being the teacher and leader you intended. Only then can you make the kind of impact you desire by being seen, being heard and getting paid.

Here’s what changed for me:

  • I committed to seizing every opportunity that comes my way and creating #coaching and #speaking opportunities of my own.
  • I committed to stepping outside the box – moving past what’s comfortable and familiar and make myself visible in the arena I want to thrive.
  • I committed to surrounding myself with people who genuinely support my efforts, correct me because they care and won’t allow me slack. #accountability.
  • I committed to investing at the level I aspire to operate; that means systems, coaching, consulting, programs…..whatever it takes. #systems.

If you’ll notice “I” is the operative word in these statements, as it directly applies to what I have the power to do. Everything outside of my control I leave to God – trusting He will work out the logistics. So that makes it my job to be ready, willing and open to making whatever transition is necessary to move my dreams forward.

No matter how much you learn; no matter how much you pray, and no matter how many opportunities present themselves, if YOU don’t act, nothing changes. No reasoning against your goals will work. It’s time to stop dragging around those tired excuses, step out of your past, into the future you desperately want for yourself. You must decide! You must commit!

Stop praying about it and BE about it. Faith without works is dead being alone. When you step out on the desires of your heart, God will meet you there! He can’t bless any work you’re not doing. Believe you can, prepare yourself, move into action, and watch your wildest dreams come true.

You got this!



  1. Kim , on Sep 18, 2016 at 19:03 Reply

    Love your commitments Necie! You definitely stopped just praying about it and started BEing about it!

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