Authenticity – Are you for real?

Authenticity – Are you for real?

What is Authenticity: Real. Genuine. Not Fake. Original. True. Legitimate. Precise.

How many of you have heard that saying, “Fake it til you make it? I’m changing that because you’re actually not. You’re not faking it—you are working it – and while you may not be doing it exactly like you want, you are doing it. You’re giving your all – your heart, time energy – and that’s not Fake. You don’t want the way you are in one setting to be dramatically different in another. Who you are at the core will show up every time and either confirm or contradict who you say you are. Here are some keys to being your authentic self:

  1. Know who you are – That’s what authenticity is about. Knowing who you are; knowing your tendencies, your gifts, talents, personality and knowing (confidently) what you bring to the world.
  2. Don’t stop with knowing who you are – Accept and embrace you – strengths and weaknesses. Be okay with not knowing it all. Things don’t always go according to plan and that’s life so be okay with using resources to fill in the gap
  3. Be Consistent – Show up consistently. Be consistent in your message, your disposition, your attitude, the way you treat people. – This is how people will come to know who you are, what you do, and how what you do can benefit them. People will also learn how to treat you.
  4. Show yourself Grace – Take time to refresh, renew, revive but never stop showing up the real you. Be secure with who you are Never measure your worth against others. Let them do them; You do you.

Authenticity is not just about how you relate to others, how you share your expertise and skills, but more about how you relate to yourself. Are you being true to who you are – what you stand for – what you believe in and what you want from the space you occupy? You can fool other people into believing you’re this or that, but eventually your true self will shine through.

Will the Real You Stand Up?!



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