72 Hours of Power! Feb 2016

72 Hours of Power! Feb 2016

72 Hours of Power! Feb 2016


That’s the only way I can respond right now – WOW!! It’s fascinating to me to be in the same space with other amazing thought leaders, and glean a different perspective from each one. If you’re in business and have no idea what I’m talking about, an awakening awaits you!

The 72Hours of Power conference is a collaboration of professional speakers, strategists, and thought leaders bringing you the latest in sales, marketing, and system and automation techniques. And there was more! Yes, my mind reeled at the thought of absorbing more – there are talks of surviving against the odds, rising above circumstances, and staying the course when you wanna give up!

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I was invited to participate by Allyson Byrd after I attended her Unlocked2016 event in San Antonio! I connected with her team to support me as I continue to strengthen my core message and increase the influence and impact of my business. Well, needless to say I did more than attend. It was my pleasure to speak several times and participate on a women empowerment panel.

To be perfectly honest, I was a more than nervous playing in the sandbox with these thought leaders! They are in their business where I strive to be in mine. Even still, I reveled the opportunity to learn what they know and make myself visible. Here are a few things I learned as a result of being in this space:

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  • It’s not enough to dream; consistent action takes you from the messy middle of business into true entrepreneurship.
  • Work ON your business, not in it. Create a business that will continue to thrive if you must step away from it.
  • Create evergreen systems early on based on where you are. Always expand as your business progresses.
  • Investment is key. You can’t build a business on Free stuff. If you must start small do so and invest on the level you want to grow.
  • Within the first five years of starting a business, only 20% continues to thrive in true entrepreneurship, so stay the course, be smart, and surround yourself with those who are where you want to grow!
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Wherever you are with your business (dream stage, the messy middle, or flourishing) trust there is always another level. Surround yourself with thought leaders that can help move you (personally and professionally) to that next level. Check out the replays at 72Hours of Power when they are available. Until then, enjoy these awesome shots I snapped!


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