4 Ways to Activate Your God Given Gifts

4 Ways to Activate Your God Given Gifts

Every person has unique God-given abilities intended to bless and uplift the lives of others. It’s your responsibility to cultivate and use them according to the purpose God designed. Yet, many of us delay activating our gifts and allow opportunities to pass when we don’t show up ready. I believe your gifts will only be yours if you choose to accept, activate, and operate in them. If you’re ready to open the door of blessings and opportunities, here are four ways to activate your God-Given Gifts:

  1. Identify your gifts. In order to activate your gifts, you must first know what they are. Spend time doing what you love, are passionate about, and what resonates within your spirit; in there may lie your gift. Determine in what capacity you will use them and who will be blessed as a result. Operating your gifts bring a fulfilling sense of peace and purpose.
  2. Overcome fear. Let’s face it – fear exists and you cannot allow it to manipulate you into hiding any longer. Stop stepping out in faith, then procrastinate and “wait list” your purpose. The mere act of using your gift – in spite of what fear says – concretes your commitment and manifest their greatness. Be intentional and consistent as you counteract fear and release the power in your gifts.
  3. Explore outside the box. When you are comfortable and complacent in a “status-quo” lifestyle, you’re not giving your gifts the life they crave; they become stagnant. Explore people, places, things and ideas outside of the comfort zone. Look for new ways to serve with what you’ve been given. Seek new connections to awaken your senses, regenerate creativity, and stir-up your gifts.
  4. Develop a heart of service. The gifts you possess are not for your benefit alone; they are meant to build, strengthen, and uplift the lives of others. Do you sing? Use your voice as a melody in the souls of others. A speaker? Speak life into the hearts of your audience. The more you share, the stronger you become. And as your gifts make room for you, doors of opportunity swing open to advance your purpose and expand your territory.

God is working to shift your attention. An unsettled spirit refuses to let you rest until you make a step in the direction of your gifting. Embrace and activate them so you can thrive in a passionate and purpose driven life. #AlignYourLyfe

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