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As the Relational Strategist, I enjoy helping high-performing individuals and organizations teams boost productivity through self-care. Self-care within organizations? YES!! Relationships at work have a personality of its own. Know and value what each team member brings to your organization.


High energy, engagement, work satisfaction and increased productivity are a few of the results you can experience while cultivating individual and team relationships. Imagine what it would look like for everyone to bring their best selves to the team, every day, and connect in a meaningful way!


Let me support you personally and/or your team with obtaining a higher level of synergy, confidence, goal setting and fulfillment in and out of the workplace. That's what synergy is about - bringing a sort of balance to your space so that all parts of your life work in harmony with one another.

How Effective Are You as a Leader?



A wife, mother and yes a G’Mama, and like most people spent many years watching from the sidelines as life passed by. I had a corporate career that I loved yet didn’t feel fulfilled at the end of most days. I felt as if I was living a facade, (pretty convincingly) yet often confused about the value I brought to the table. I overcompensated to feel important; the more accolades received, the harder I worked. And you guessed it – I was addicted to validation. This quote by Jim Morrison sums it up:



LyfeSmarts Leadership Academy

For the overworked or overwhelmed leader frustrated with building engaging and productive teams.

Engaging Speaker

When you want an authentic speaker who also inspires, motivates and delivers a transformational message.

Coaching Conversations

What would it mean for you to be your best self? To do what you do best? You need a strategic partner.

Corporate Workshops

Focus on the power of effective strengths use. Attendees will gain the knowledge to S.E.E. themselves clearly.


Organizations improve employee performance and productivity. Strengths Strategy for Optimal Performance.


For a deeper dive. The shift from just knowing about your strengths into the powerful and effective use of them.

What our clients saying

"We collaborated with Necie very recently and she provided some much-appreciated insight, encouragement, and perspectives in her session to our Directors. -Life Skills - Business Skills - Management Skills- Our Directors commented that they found her session to be a refreshing change to the typical meetings we have where we stick to the talking points and PowerPoint each other to death. She was so flexible with our schedule and the weather issues we had."

Darrell Allen

Branch Chief (WIC) at USDA, Food and Nutrition Service, Southwest Region

"I got to know Necie personally and professionally while working with her on a major project she coordinated for my company, Nikki Woods Media. Our arrangement required almost daily contact with me and more than 20 others she managed for a literary collaboration. Necie dealt with the team as a group and individually with patience and kindness as she guided them through a variety of phases lasting several months. As a professional, Necie’s contributions were equally impressive.…"

Nikki Woods

CEO of Nikki Woods Media and Victoria Street Media and Publishing Solutions Founder of the Spotlight Conference, Senior Producer of the Tom Joyner Morning

"Necie is a producer of greatness, very professional and detail oriented. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Necie on several projects for Nikki Woods Media and witnessing her genius as she’s facilitated breakout sessions and key talks. She is the queen of project management, authenticity and life experience. Her knowledge base is phenomenal and one you must experience. I highly recommend Necie for your next book project women’s retreat, conference, or corporate event; that’s if you…"

Ebony Combs, MS

"Necie Black is a dynamic Certified Master Coach who has made a difference in my life. As my coach, Necie asked questions which ignited me to think, be creative, solve my barriers, achieve my goals, and celebrate! Necie is a caring, trustworthy, and enjoyable person who is accountable! Coaching offers an opportunity for success and Necie Black is vital as a coach."

Teri McGraw


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  • How to Jump-start Your Confidence Level

    You’re sitting in a meeting at work. Your boss is discussing plans for a new project coming up. Everyone seems to have a lot of input. Hundreds of ideas run through your mind, but something prevents you from speaking up. What if they don’t like your ideas? What if they laugh you out of the office? Then your boss asks if you have anything to contribute. Everyone is looking at you. Your ideas are great, but as uncertainty rises, you…
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  • Tips to Spring Clean Your Relationship

    How much time do you spend preparing for relationships? I saw this question while perusing the internet and it made me reflect on the ups and downs of my relationships over the years; specifically, work relationships and friendships. Do you know what I realized? Good, solid relationships don’t just happen. Relationships are work and we, you and I, go into every relationship with some level of expectation. Which means there may be a disappointment on all sides.  Enjoying good relationships also…
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  • How’s your New Year?

    What do you purpose for 2020?! While 2019 was fruitful and birthed many things in me, in 2020 I purpose to grow what was birthed into greatness. To catapult my goals and move into the next level in life, business and relationships take a lot of commitment and diligence on my part, and the year is just getting started! Have you considered what’s next for you? If you haven’t, take a moment and ask yourself these questions. Considering where you…
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